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Why take this course?

There are many benefits to you and your company if you studying our Certificate in Employee Share Plans:

  1. Be up-to-date - at a time of significant changes - in plan designs, governance and regulatory requirements, we provide up-to-date practical guidance to help you work through the issues.
  2. Be cost effective - we know that many of our course graduates are able to deal with more of the issues in-house than send them to outside advisers, saving time and company money.
  3. Reduce risk - internal controls are only as good as the people overseeing them. Course graduates know the rules and the importance of compliance, reducing risk to the company and its executives and even the risks of criminal penalties.
  4. See the whole picture - some people working in share plans only see and know about their aspect of the plans they work on. This course covers all key components of designing and operating executive and employee share plans. It enables our course graduates to understand and work with internal stakeholders such as legal, tax, accounting, HR and finance groups as well as external advisers like lawyers, consultants and administrators.
  5. Stay connected - we invite people to our alumni events so that you can stay connected to others in our industry and keep up-to-date.

The course is provided by some of the leading experts in this area, mostly from Tapestry Compliance, and we sometimes invite other experts to present on topics such as design and accounting for share plans, to make sure you have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Delighted participants of our latest course say:

“All of the speakers have been amazing, I feel so privileged to be able to learn from such experienced people!”

Amber Clifton, The RM2 Partnership Limited

“Blown away by the exceptional quality of the Tapestry team, delivery of the course and the materials. Well done!”

Louise Poulter, BP

“The Tapestry team put the MAR in REMARKABLE! They have designed a comprehensive and engaging course on employee share plans covering all of the fundamentals. I was really engaged on the virtual course - the speakers kept the topics refreshing and I found the course materials very helpful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering it.”

David Sutton, Schroders

“Excellent content, delivered at a steady pace and explained really well. A great course for both those with some experience and those new to the area.”

Steve Vanston, HWC

“I have to say this has hands down been one of the best courses I've attended. The notes are beautifully prepared and very easy to follow. The speakers are highly knowledgeable and the support and encouragement has been excellent! Highly recommend!”

Elle Solomi, Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc

“An extremely valuable and informative course, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable people in a clear and concise way.”

Elliot Alexander, Computershare

“It is a must - do course for everyone involved in share related activities.”

Hanna Oszczeda, Unilever

“The course is really informative and engaging no matter what experience you have with share plans.”

Julia Sherwin, Rentokil-initial

“"Hitchhikers guide to share plans"”

Peter Bagi, Global Shares

“This course is extremely helpful to understand the complex world of UK share plans. The course is well organised and the speakers really bring share plans to life and have shared some helpful best practice guidance on the operation of share plans for students to take away with them to implement into internal processes!

The best intensive course in the UK to gain a full understanding of Employee share plans. ”

Emma Jackman, Hammerson plc

“After a week on the course, I woke up this week disappointed that I wouldn't be learning about share plans! The Tapestry team keep you engaged and interested in the topics throughout. I would highly recommend the Cert. ESP with Tapestry.”

Abigail Recket CCEP

“…it was a like a great David Attenborough documentary on share plans.”

Elizabeth Smedley, WTW

“Never have I been on such a well run, informative course with very high quality materials, speakers and attention to detail both for the course itself and the extras around it (box of treats and social events!) to make it as enjoyable as possible!”

Kirstan Boynton, Vectura Group Limited